Discover Tenerife

The Tenerife belongs to the main tourist attractions of the world and Europe above all.

It is one not many places, where the season and summer last the whole year.

It is the largest and most-populated island of the Canary Islands archipelago. There is the highest peak in Spain – Pico del Teide (3.718 metres above sea level) here dividing the island into northern, green part and similar to desert the southern part. The Tenerife is characterisitc of diversity of landscape and climatic zones. Due to this the island is called a continent in miniature.

The most popular and sunniest place on the island is Costa Adeje. Every year crowds of tourists come here, with no problems it is possible to communicate not only in Spanish, but also English, German, Italian, Russian and Polish as well.

Because of many interesting places, it is worth renting a car to visit charming places of the whole
island, which you can drive around within one day. It is worth stopping in places such as:

Costa Adeje

The most popular tourist centre in the south-eastern part of the Tenerife, average temperature is 24 degrees celsius in winter and 28 in summer.

Playa del Duque

The most beautiful beach in Costa Adeje, in the eighbourhood of hotels and high-standard services.

Playa de las Americas

The biggest resort in the southern coast, it attracts due to sandy beaches, all-night cafés and restaurants.


The Europe`s biggest attraction for swimming lovers and spending time outside, a water park offers a lot of attractions including all sorts of slides, beach and a pool with fake waves.

Teide volcano

The volcanic peak with the height of 3718 metres above sea level and the height from the bottom of the sea of 7500 metres is the highest peak on any Atlantic island.

Teide National Park

The biggest park on the Canary Islands and a must destination for all visistors of the Tenerife.

Barranco del Infierno ravine

A ravine having an eight-kilometre route, natural waterfall and abundant plant life, together with nearby ravines and rocks it creates Barranco del Infierno Game Reserve.


A picturesque place situated at the height of 600 metres above sea level in the ravine in the Teno Game Reserve.

Los Gigantes

A seaside town, whose name comes from huge cliffs, Acantilados de los Gigantes (cliffs of giants), which reach the height of 300 to 600 metres.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The biggest city and the capital of the island.

Playa de Las Teresitas

A beach located a few kilometres from the island – Sanda Cruz de Tenerife, is charasteristic of golden-brown sand coming from Sahara.

Puerto de la Cruz

A harbour city and a resort located in the picturesque valley of Orotava.

Whale and dolphin cruises

Go one the cruise to meet whales and dolphines.